What is a Virtual Event?

Pro Audio Video is a leader in virtual event production. We’ll break down what are virtual events, types of virtual events, and how to host a virtual event that will engage your audience. 

What is a virtual event? 

With the growing number of virtual events gaining popularity, let’s take a moment to define “what are virtual events?”. A virtual event can be defined as a conference, trade show, or seminar where the in-person gathering experience is now taking place, virtually. Attendees join and interact remotely, through the internet, using their webcams and microphones of laptops and other personal electronic devices. Many of the same in-person event formats carry over into the virtual world. These formats can include but are not limited to; conferences, trade shows, webinars, product launches, and meetings. Most in-person event formats transfer over virtually quite well but just like showing up at a convention center, you still need to guide your attendees through the different areas of your event. Where do your attendees register? Where can the view the full itinerary of sessions? Where can attendees see the speakers slated for your event? How do you get your sponsors in front of your attendees? How do your attendees interact with your speakers and panelist? These are all questions we can answer in the sections below. 

Types of Virtual Events

Virtual events can have one or many of the features listed below: broadcasts with limited audience participation, breakout sessions with audience engagement functionality, and Interactive Meetings where audiences can interact and participate with presenters. 

Broadcast / Stream

These are generally your opening keynote session, welcome addresses, product launches, and award ceremonies. You can have an event with one or many of these style broadcasts. You can reach a large audience and ideally have pre-recorded clips, audio, and logos in different sections. Due to the large nature of the broadcast, audience interaction is minimal with the possibility of open chat so the audience can leave comments.   

Multi-View With Several Presenters – Increased Audience Engagement

These are generally your breakout rooms, classrooms, webinars, and presentations. You can have an event with one or many of these interactive sessions. You can reach 50 to 250 attendees per session with chat, polling, Q&A, and share PowerPoints presentations. Generally, you would have 1-4 speakers presenting on a specific topic and have all speaker cameras on to facilitate open instant communication between your speakers. Speakers can share notes, files, PDFs, PowerPoints, and videos in an efficient and educational way to engage the audience.  

Interactive Meeting – High Audience Engagement

These are generally your small meetings with up to 20 cameras live to facilitate quick responses from audience members. Verbal chat and direct questions are answered in real time by presenters. Most other visual features apply such as PowerPoint presentations, video clips, audio clips, and desktop screen share.